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Plask Motion Renewal

Jaejun You

Plask Motion Renewal

We've revamped the Plask Motion tool with a more optimized workflow for creating 3D animations.

  1. Separation of Model Asset and Animation Asset
    • From a structure where a Model Asset has an Animation Asset, we've updated to a structure where you add a Model Asset to a Scene and apply animation to the Scene Model.
    • This structure allows you to utilize Models as components in your Scene.
  2. Scenes have their own Data
    • When an Object or Animation is added to a Scene, it is stored separately. This makes it easier to continue working with them in Plask Motion.
  3. Place multiple models
    • Add multiple models to your Scene and animate each one.
    • Edit each one to the desired position.

The address of the renewed app:


  • The end of service date for the old tool is January 5, 2024.
  • Subscription information from the old tool will be transferred to the new tool. If you’re a MoCap Pro member and you’re listed as a free member, please contact us.
  • Registration for the old tool is blocked.