Please choose one of the following products that suit your needs.




    For Newcomers

    • Extract motion 30 sec (900 credits) daily
      900 credits included to get started easily

    • 1 GB of storage for assets

    • Single-person motion capture

    • Foot lock feature

    • Import motion data from FBX, GLB, and JSON file types,
      and video from MP4, MOV, and WEBM file types

    • Export motion data in FBX, GLB, and BVH formats

    MoCap Pro



    Billed annually or $140 month-to-month

    For Animators

    Everything in the Free plan, plus:

    • Unlimited extract motion

    • Faster extract motion up to 60 min (108,000 credits) monthly

    • 5 GB storage for assets

    • Multi-person motion capture

    API for Enterprise

    Pay as you go

    Monthly billing only

    For enterprise software developers

    • Rest API Access

    • Single-person motion capture

    • Multi-person motion capture

    • Foot lock feature

    • Input formats: MP4, MOV, and WEBM

    • Output formats: 3D motion data (JSON)