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Animation 2.0

Junho Lee

Animation 2.0

Animation 2.0

We've introduced several new features and improvements to streamline the animation workflow in our platform.

Timeline Editor

  • Pan Track: Easily adjust the playback interval of your animations by dragging tracks within the timeline.

  • Delete Track Remove unwanted animations from your scene using the convenient context menu.

Curve Editor

Access the Curve Editor by selecting a node in the Outliner or double-clicking an Animation in the Timeline. Fine-tune position and rotation values for each animated node using the Curve Editor.

  • Select Keyframes: Select individual keyframes with a single click. Hold Ctrl (mac: command) and drag to select multiple keyframes simultaneously.

  • Edit Keyframes: Intuitively modify keyframe timing and values using the horizontal (time) and vertical (property value) axes. Drag selected keyframes to adjust their position in both time and value dimensions.

Learn more about the new feature here!