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Service Update Notice

Jaejun You

Service Update Notice

Plask Motion Service will be renewed on November 5th.

Our service, powered by AI, provides innovative solutions for creating 3D animations from videos. This renewal is aimed at offering an enhanced user experience and facilitating rapid feature expansion in the future. More details about the renewal update will be released gradually. The previous version of Plask Motion will end on January 5, 2024.

Data Migration Guide for Renewed Service

To ensure a seamless transition, we have planned a data migration process allowing users to utilize their existing data in the renewed service seamlessly:

  1. Authentication
    • Email Registrants:
      • Log in and use the tool with the same email and password.
    • Google Registrants:
      • Log in and use the tool with the same Gmail account authentication.
      • [Note] Deleted users or those who haven't completed email verification will not be migrated.
  2. Subscription, Credit, and Product
    • All purchased subscription products, subscription periods, payment methods, and credits will be migrated seamlessly.
  3. Backup required
    • Model File & Applied Motions:
      • If you've imported models and edited animations within the tool after applying them to characters (like keyframe editing or layer manipulation), export file to download and back up.
    • Motion Files:
      • If you need to save the extracted motion file, it is recommended that you apply it to the model file before exporting it.


For any questions, please contact us through the email below or via the chat on our homepage: