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Video Requirements

Your next animation begins with our easy motion capture

Plask helps you create professional-quality animation with ease. However, there are a few best practices to follow when it comes to capturing motion with your video.

To ensure the best animation possible, it all starts with quality in your motion capture. To get the best capture, follow these guidelines:

  1. Please use horizontal video: Plask may not recognize person well in vertical videos. If you're not seeing great results with vertical video, try adding padding or margin on the left and right sides.

  2. Recognition Limited to Human Poses: Plask's software is designed to recognize only human forms. Capturing the movement of non-human objects for animation is not compatible with our system. Also keep in mind that baggy or oversized clothing can confuse our algorithm, wearing clothing that defines the human shape will ensure a better result.

    Video Requirements

  3. Capture the Entire Body: For optimal results, ensure that the video captures the full body of the individual in all scenes intended for animation. This comprehensive capture approach provides greater flexibility during the animation process.

    Video Requirements

  4. Minimum Video Resolution of 720p Recommended: Videos with a resolution lower than 720p may compromise the quality of the motion capture.

  5. Ensure Clear Visibility of the Subject: For precise motion capture, the individual in the video should stand out from the background. Avoid any blending or overlap with the surroundings. Additionally, ensure that no limbs are cut off from the frame. It's advisable to maintain a margin of space around the body in the full-body shot.

    Video Requirements

  6. Maintain Optimal Recording Angles: For best results, record the subject's motion from a direct head-on angle to avoid skewed angles that can adversely impact the animation quality.

    Video Requirements

  7. Adhere to Supported Video Specifications: Plask currently accepts videos in mp4 and webm formats. Ensure your video does not exceed 100 megabytes and is within a duration range of 3 seconds to 5 minutes.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you have the best motion capture to create the desired animation effect.

For the Multi-person Feature: In addition to the general guidelines provided earlier, please consider the following specific points:

  1. Simultaneous Motion Capture: Capture the movements of multiple individuals at once, especially in scenarios like sports, dance, and action sequences. Ensure the camera remains stationary during recording.
  2. Avoid Overlapping of Individuals: Ensure there are no sections in the video where individuals overlap. Overlapping may result in inaccurate or flawed motion capture.
  3. Limit to Fewer than 10 Individuals: For optimal performance, it's best to feature fewer than 10 individuals in the video.
  4. Maintain a Minimum Video Resolution of 720p: Videos with a resolution below 720p might compromise the motion capture quality.
  5. Stay Within 1800 Frames and Under 1 Minute: To calculate the total frames, use the formula: Total Frames = Video Duration (in seconds) x Video Frame Rate (fps).