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Extract the scene you set up in Plask Motion to continue your work. Plask Motion allows you to export animated models in FBX, GLB and BVH formats.


Select a top node

Once you've finalized your animation, Select the top node of the model you wish to export and click the Export button. If you don't select any bone, export menu is disabled

Note: If you select two or more nodes with different top-level nodes, the file will contain more than one character.

Select option

  • File Format
    • glb
    • fbx
    • fbx(game engine)
    • bvh
  • For FBX, you have two options. If you choose the fbx(game engine) option, it will add a root bone to facilitate retargeting.

Click menu

Click the "Export" menu to initiate the download of your animated model.

Once exported, it's a good practice to check the file in a program compatible with the chosen format. Some recommended programs include 3ds Max, Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, and others.


  • The Model is animated and exported as a single file.
  • To ensure that your exported file contains animations, please import them with an external tool.