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Quick Start

With Plask Motion, you can create an animation in as little as 3 minutes. Upload externally sourced or self-shot footage, apply it to the provided model, play and extract an animation.

Tutorial: Youtube Video

Follow the 4 steps

1. Import video

In the Asset panel, click the Import Video button or Drag&Drop a video file. Select the desired MoCap options to start the extraction.

Quick Start

2. Apply Motion

When the extraction is complete, drag and drop the Animation Asset onto the Scene Model to apply it.

Quick Start

3. Play Scene

Click the Play button at the top and use the Alt key and left/right mouse drag to navigate through the Scene.

Quick Start

4. Export

Select the desired model in the Scene and click the Export button to set the export options.

Take the Motion you create in Plask into your 3D tool or game engine and continue your work. Quick Start

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