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Outsourcing service

Get the most efficient 3D animation outsourcing experience.

Hi, we are Plask Animation Studio working on easy and fast animation creation.

Our animators specialize in creating 3D animations using Plask's in-house technology and Blender and iClone-based candidates.

We'll create 3D animations for you quickly and at an affordable price.

If you're in need of 3D animation, fill out the form below!

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Work Process

  1. Request a project: Fill out the form above and we'll get back to you with the best schedule and pricing.
  • The reference video should be a full-body shot of a single person, and we recommend 720p or higher.
  • If your 3D model requires rigging, we'll review our rigging availability and propose additional work for rigging.
  • If you don't have a 3D model, you'll still receive a working motion file on our dummy model as a deliverable.
  • Please include a detailed description of your animation goals and any additional requirements.
  1. Animating: We will create a 3D animation based on your reference video, animate the 3D model or dummy model you sent us, and deliver it to you in glb, fbx format.
  2. Follow-up: We will give you a one-time feedback on the animation you received, and then finalize it.

What's the output?

  • We will deliver a 3D animated model file of the same length as the reference video.
  • We will send you two types of deliverables: fbx and glb. The fbx file can be used in Unreal engine, Unity, Maya, etc. Please let us know in advance which tool you will be using so that we can extract it appropriately.
  • We do not provide animations for faces.
  • If you want to animate your fingers, we can do it as an additional task by contacting us separately.
  • Reference: Outsourcing service

Outsourcing service

What we do

Plask is a studio dedicated to creating optimized 3D animations.

We use our technology to capture animation guides in real-time from reference videos, and then our in-house candidate animators handcraft the following tasks.

  • Extracting guided motion: using in-house technology to draft animations based on reference videos.
  • Jitter correction: Perform an overall shake correction to stabilize the animation.
  • Pose correction: Corrects root position and pose to ensure smooth and realistic movement.
  • Foot correction: Processes foot correction to improve the overall quality of the animation.


  • The minimum length of animations we accept for work is 15 seconds.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at the email below

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