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What is Plask?

Our goal is to make 3D content creation easy for everyone. We deliver our value through the following services

  • Tool: A tool to mocap video with AI and import 3D assets to create animations. Collaborate with multiple users simultaneously in real-time.
  • SDK: An SDK for developers that enables them to implement motion capture features as a library. It provides 3D animation data via a video URL.
  • Outsourcing: If you're not satisfied with the quality of the animation you've created in the tool, you can outsource it to a professional animator who will make detailed corrections.

Why people use Plask?

  • Automation: Plask automates the process of creating 3D content. It allows animations that would otherwise have to be created by hand to be created instantly via video. We have a vision to automate rigging, modeling, rendering, and more in the future.
  • Collaboration: Plask provides tools for collaborating on 3D content. Multiple collaborators can view and edit the same scene at the same time. It will provide a seamless, quick-start UX for games and animation, respectively.
  • Openness: Plask is all about sharing between users. It creates a positive community that accumulates know-how by sharing created scenes with an unknown people.

What is Plask?