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Share scene

Create scene

This is a step to create a new scene on the Dashboard page.

Click the "New Scene" button on the top right of the Dashboard to enter a new scene.

Share scene

Invite Collaborator

Share scene

  • Click “Share” on the top right of the Scene.
  • Invite another collaborator to a scene you own.
  • Enter their email and click "Invite" to send them an invite mail.
  • The permissions granted to "Anyone with the link" will apply to anyone accessing the scene.

Permission level

Share scene

  • owner: Has full permissions on the scene.
  • can edit: Allows access the scene in edit mode. Has all permissions except delete scene, manage permissioin, and manage publish.
  • can view: Allows access to the scene in view-only mode. Has scene navitaion, Play permissions.
  • is blocked/Leave: No longer accesses the scene.

Publish to community

  • Publish a scene you own to the community.
  • Everyone who publishes a scene can enjoy the scene.
  • Please refer to the Community Guideline.