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Realtime Collabo

All users who view and edit a scene synchronize the same state in real-time.

If someone edits a scene, the edits are applied to you, and vice versa.


The Outliner, Canvas, and Timeline, which reflect the state of the Scene, change in real-time.

  • For example, if you add a Model to the scene from Asset, it will be visible to everyone in Outliner, Canvas, and Timeline.
  • If you did a Transformation in Canvas, it will be visible to anyone viewing that Model.
  • If you animated a Bone in the Asset, it will be visible to everyone in the Timeline.

However, because Assets are your storage, the results of your imports are not shared.


Realtime Collabo

In the top right corner, next to Profile, you'll see up to two users you're currently collaborating with. If you hover over a profile, you can see their name and how long they've been online.