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Organization Plans

Organization Plans allow you to centrally manage and allocate Pro plan seats to your team members, providing a cost-effective way to access advanced features.

We recommend it to anyone who want to:

  1. Easily manage multiple members' plans
  2. Optimize plans within your team's budget
  3. Get fast support for your team projects

Add member

Organization Plans

  • The owner adds members to the organization.
  • You can only add emails that are registered to Plask.

Manage Copy

Organization Plans

  1. Upgrade Member
    • If you have copies left in your organization, you can upgrade anyone who is a Freemium member.
    • If the member already using the plan in a personal account or another organization, you can't allocate him a Copy. If you need to make a change, please request it.
  2. Downgrade Member

Remove member

  • The owner deletes members from the organization.
  • Deleting a member with a Copy applied will release it.
  • The owner can't delete themselves.

How to Create organization?

  • Organizations are created manually by Plask Manager.
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss your organization plan through 🔗 this link.
  • contact: 📧

How to Delete organization?

  • Organizations are deleted manually by Plask Manager.
  • If you need to transfer your plan to another organization before deleting an organization, please request it in advance.
  • contact: 📧

How to Buy Copies?

  • After the meeting, we'll send you a quote based on the number of members, duration, and other conditions.
  • We'll add a copy when you make a wire transfer or pay by card through the link.